First Green Shoots – Here Comes Springtime

February has slipped by and here we are in March. The wildlife obviously thinks that springtime is just around the corner; birds are pairing up for breeding and , for me, the most enjoyable sign of approaching spring – Hares boxing on the hillside. Yes, the Mad March Hare is with us, We are very fortunate in the chalk downland of Wiltshire to have a thriving population.

Barn owl on a post.

We are also very lucky to live within the hunting territory of a Barn Owl. The small mammals are becoming more active in the fields now, so this is a good time to see  her. Usually we have to make do with the thrill of a fleeting glimpse but a couple of days ago she obligingly sat on a fence post long enough for us to fetch a camera.

Roe Deer

Around the village, Roe Deer are being quite bold and there are plenty of close encounters (with dog walkers in particular).




The flowers are shouting ‘Springtime’ too. The snowdrops are past their best and are giving way to some spectacular crocus and daffodils.

My summer walking boots are poised and ready – won’t be long now!